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Steering Committee Officer List

Melissa Bean - Treasurer
Deposit Operations Manager,
York Traditions Bank

226 Pauline Drive/PO Box 3658
York, PA 17402-0136
Tel: (717) 747-2612
Fax: (717) 718-1434

Shawn Smith - Vice Chair
Community Impact Associate
United Way of York County

800 East King Street
York, PA 17403
Tel: (717)771-3807
Fax: (717)843-4082

Jackie Marrero -
Assistant Secretary
Crime Prevention Coordinator,
Community Services Division
Police Department, City of York

50 West King St.
York, PA 17401
Tel: (717) 849-2216

Christina Springer - Secretary
Healthy Community Network
116 S. George Street, Ste.101
York, PA 17401
Tel: (717) 812-3028
Fax: (717) 848-2029

Bryell Turner - Chair
Program Manager
York County Human Services

Tel: (717) 771-9095
Fax: (717)771-9855

   The officers include:

  • Chair - facilitates meetings, mails minutes and meeting notice
  • Vice Chair - assists the chair with meetings, substitutes as chair when chair is unavailable
  • Secretary - records the minutes, submits signed minutes to the chair
  • Assistant Secretary - updates the archives and membership list, keeps a record of minutes and financial reports
  • Treasurer - submits written signed quarterly reports to the Chair for distribution at meetings
   The officers are elected annually in the fall by the Steering Committee.
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