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Our Mission
 To strengthen local families
by promoting public awareness
     and professional development
and through cooperation and collaboration
     among public and private agencies,
     the faith-based community,
and the community at large.

We accomplish our mission primarily through the networking of the Steering Committee and through morning and day-long learning events. Most of our events are held at various meeting places around York.


The Family Issues Roundtable is sponsored by participating community agencies/organizations providing in-kind and/or support services. See Members page for current Sponsoring Agencies/Organizations retaining membership on the Steering Committee.

In-kind Services include but are not limited to: clerical resources, financial management and mailings.

Support Services include but are not limited to: staffing support, agency representation and financial support for special events.


This organization generates funds through various activities and educational events, grant applications and the support of Sponsoring Agencies(including in-kind). This organization charges no membership fee.

We do not operate as a 501C(3) organization. Family Issues Roundtable utilizes another agency with a 501C(3) status as its fiduciary agent.


Membership is open to anyone interested and committed to being a part of an organized body whose emphasis is to support and engage in cooperative and collaborative efforts to promote the strengthening of families.

Members consist of representatives from public and private agencies, the faith based community, schools and the community at large. The Steering Committee membership will not exceed 25 members.

Membership entails an expressed interest and commitment in participating in and supporting activities of the Family Issues Roundtable(i.e. Serving as an officer and/or on various committees).

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